What is SquirrliT?

SquirrliT is a Black-Owned interactive business directory, whose mission is to deliver the latest information about Real Estate Service Businesses in the Chicagoland area.  Visitors and registered users can search, list, claim and discover startups and seasoned businesses across a number of industries.

Is Squirrlit Free?

SquirrliT offers free plans and paid plans. The free plans covers your essential business information, while the Basic and Pro plans offer advanced features for optimized listing and full service brand advertising. SquirrliT also offers the ability to switch between free or paid plans at anytime.

How does the ‘Claim Now’ feature work?

The Claim Now on a business listing details page allows the  business owner to establish the ownership by verifying with the site-admin. Once the site-admin verifies and accepts the claim request, then only a business owner listing gets a Claimed badge.  It is recommended every business owner go through the claim process to make sure their business listing is not claimed by someone else.

How do I modify an existing listing?  

Existing business listings can be edited by the claimed business owner.  Editing includes changes images, phone number or social media links, or upgrading an existing listing to a paid plan to unlock premium features.  You must be logged into SquirrliT to make these edits. 

How does listing approval work?

All listings are subjected to an  internal review prior to publishing.  Listings can be flagged for reasons including but not limited to details provisioned, profanity, post quality and intent.  

What form of payment do you accept?

We currently only accept PayPal at this time. 

Why is my business already listed on SquirrliT?

We gather business  information from public records and other sources.  If your business is listed, you can leave it as it is, claim it ( add your details) or contact us to remove it. 

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact SquirrliT is on the Contact Us page or via email.